QMFTBefore I tell you about QMST, let me tell you a bit about myself .

My name is Damir. I’m the owner and Specialist Deeptissue Remedial therapist
of Queensland Massage & Spa Therapies ,what separates me from other therapists is my ability to apply the perfect amount of pressure that gets results without having to put my client through pain & discomfort of course this has to be felt rather than seen or believed .My interest in alternate therapies began during my employment as Spa host at Hepburn StKilda it was there where I as an employee was entitled to a free massage once a month and also had the pleasure of meeting various massage therapists whom I always found to be very warm ,caring spiritual people whom encouraged me to do a massage course which I completed within a two period and then began my journey as a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist

My diploma gave me the opportunity to work in exotic places such as Hamilton Island in the Whitsundays it was there that I realised how important it was to provide massages that particularly was specific on working on the areas of the neck ,back and shoulders .Once I got settled back in Brisbane I signed a 1year lease provide my unique massage service out of a small but not so quiet room inside the building of Bootcamps Australia Headquarters

Some of my work friends referred to my studio as the broom closet underneath the
stairs as noisy as it often got working in an environment with loud music ,group exercise classes and personal trainers running up and down the stairs.

I still managed to accumulate a solid base of loyal customers who appreciated and loved my style of massage which is amazing infusion of all the best massage strokes and techniques that have been tested and proven to be the best in the industry .

QMST was born February 2009 and really started to gather momentum late
2010 when it took on its first online voucher promotion which sold over 650 vouchers and has roughly over 5000 vouchers since then.

My vision for QMST is to provide outstanding affordable massages treatments for the general public.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Damir Hasic