img2Wind down after a long day in the office with our soothing relaxation massage! Designed to de-stress both the muscles and the mind, QMST’s relaxation massage is performed at a gradual pace and at a gentle pressure. Using smooth, rhythmic strokes, gentle kneading, and soothing manipulation of the muscles, our relaxation massage is the perfect treatment to calm the whole body from head to toe.

The main aim of our relaxation massage is to help loosen those tired muscles and relieve tension. At the same time, this massage improves blood circulation and helps lower blood pressure. It also stimulates the lymphatic system, easing the detoxification of wastes. It reduces muscle tension, relieves muscle tension aches, and lessens other stress-related symptoms.

Treat yourself with a comforting relaxation massage here at QMST! This unwinding therapy gives you the rest you are looking for through gentle massage movements aided with essential oils and warm towels, backed up with a serene environment of comfortable resting equipment and music.

Relaxation Massage – 60 mins. - $80

Relaxation Massage – 90 mins. - $140